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AS an EPC contractor, our roots in Operation and Maintenance has molded our philosophy and   informs all our methodology. TES is founded on the belief that our clients benefit most from our technical expertise in local operating environments, world class water treatment technology and consistent provision of outstanding operation and maintenance services. We currently produce over 300,000 cubic meters of potable water a day. Our clients range from the hotel and tourism sector, industrial applications to municipal water supply.


At the core of TES activities, is the provision of comprehensive operation and maintenance services. Through the consistent application of monitoring protocols and intensive preventative maintenance programs, TES operated plants lead the industry in production and performance. The company have highly trained staff of engineers, technicians and chemists are on site 24 hours a day, every day.


A testament to TES's O&M strength is our position as a top provider of plant rehabilitation services. An ever growing number of clients are calling upon TES to undertake the technologically demanding tasks of re engineering, redesigning and repairing under maintained RO plants. Cost efficient updates and upgrades with energy saving devices and the latest membrane technology save money over the life of the plant.


Water System Management Service is the complete water and wastewater solution for your business. The comprehensive on site O&M service for RO plants, sewage plants, pumping stations, potable water tanks and piping networks allows our valued clients to outsources all water and wastewater operating and management to a trusted and proven partner, centralizing control and cutting costs.


At TES we know that the measure of our success is in the quality of the water that is produced by our plants. That is why we put our commitment to water purity in writing. Water from TES plants consistently meets the World Health Organization. Guidelines of less than 500 ppm tds, the benchmark for potable water.


TES works closely with a number of carefully selected suppliers in the water field including:

• Membranes Hydranautics, TORAY, DOW / Filmtec. 
• Pumps Grundfos (Denmark), Duchting (Germany), PEI (USA).
• Flexible Piping Angus Flexible Pipelines. 
• Chemicals Biolab, GE Betz.


Our only priority is complete customer satisfaction. TES operates independently of exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer representation agreements. This freedom allows TES to select best in class technologies and components from one or several OEMs. It also gives our clients unparalleled choice in meeting their water needs.Choose a plant from a OEM built to TES's specifications, or one wholly built by TES, and we guarantee a RO system that not only meets, but exceeds your requirements and expectations.

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