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TAM Environmental Services (TES), is the market leader in the Egyptian water desalination and sewage treatment market. Established in 1990, TES has grown to become a leading EPC contractor, employing over 250 people with offices throughout Egypt and in Murcia, Spain.  In May of 2016, we completed the purchase of a majority stake in Desalia SL, a Spanish water desalination company who have been a major supplier of desalination equipment to the Egyptian market.

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AS an EPC contractor, our roots in Operation and Maintenance has molded our philosophy and informs all our methodology. Through years of maintenance centered work, TES has been able to bring its operational experience to plant design. Working closely with Desalia SL over the years, TES/Desalia designed plants are not only easily and quickly serviceable but share common components that have been tried and tested in Egypt's harsh environment.
The acquisition of a majority stake in Desalia SL. has expanded TES's capabilities, further streamlining our design and equipment procurement capabilities.
TES operates out of its main office in Cairo overseeing four stand-alone hubs in Hurgadah, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Marsa Matrouh. Each of our field offices operates independently and is staffed with its own team of engineers, technicians, operators and stores.
TES is founded on the belief that our clients benefit most from our technical expertise in local operating environments, world class water treatment technology and consistent provision of outstanding operation and maintenance services. We currently produce over 300,000 cubic meters of potable water a day. Our clients range from the hotel and tourism sector, industrial applications to municipal water supply.
Experience in operations drives improvements in design 
At the heart of TESís success has been our ability to design and implement projects that offer our clientís life cycle cost benefits. Team building begins with the selection of qualified candidates who undergo training that is as rigorous as our O&M protocols. TES engineers and technicians receive certifications from The Egyptian Water and Wastewater Association (EWWA), and attend international industry conferences and seminars. The goal is to maximize the personal capabilities of our staff and assure the provision of the highest international standards of service and technological expertise.
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